Law students are embracing the “Natural” TikTok trend.


It did not last long…

If you don't know about TikTok's viral “Natural” trend by now, then you're clearly in a tough spot. The online trend has quickly become a social media sensation, inviting users to share light-hearted stereotypes about their profession or identity, and law students have recently joined LawTok.

If you've ever had a night of caffeine or found yourself glued to your textbooks at the library, you'll definitely relate to these TikToks.

@legallyamrutha We are law students, of course I take breaks between the 4-hour study units #lawtok #lawschool #lawstudentsbelike ♬ Original sound – LegallyAmrutha

In this TikTok video, four law students express the joy of studying law, including drinking more coffee than water. Another let us know how precious time is since you don't have time to do much other than studying. Finally, you can take a break and get back into the swing of things on the way to the law library.

Many agreed with the trend, with one particular student saying, “Barely going outside and studying on a weekend is so real.” I think it's fair to say that law students won't be getting much sun this summer.

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Another noted that she “became immune to caffeine during law school.” And said she would drink four shots of “espresso on ice” to replace her three main meals.

Another law student noted that she drank five Red Bulls and still kept one eye shut.

Another relatable issue in the video is the strain that reading puts on the eyes, which leads to most law students getting an eye prescription, even those who started law school with “20/20 vision.” have.

In the comments, a fellow law student admitted that she was “basically blind” from staring at small texts and screens for ten hours. She added that this becomes even worse if the lighting in your law library is suboptimal.

Another student shared that he had never worn glasses before studying law and now had to wear an eye patch because law school had taken such a toll on him. Someone in the comments advised law students to use “blue block glasses,” which are said to relieve eye strain and improve deep sleep.

This trend has even caught the attention of the graduate recruitment team at Hogan Lovells.

@hoganlovellsgradsuk Our trainees in our Birmingham office had to jump on this trend. Of course you will find HL ducks in your office! 🦆💚 #HoganLovells #OfCourse #DefinedByDifference #LegalJourney #Law #fyp #GraduateRecruitment ♬ PLAYOFFS – HYMN &

They joke: “We are trainees at Hogan Lovells, of course we play table tennis during our lunch break!”

Other law students at the University of Westminster joke that they “always dress in black and white,” “look like a secret agent,” and “are busy in their first year”:

@demi.adewakun We are law students… It was a lot of fun to film this. 😂 NB: The tree part was a joke, referring to the amount of paper law students use. We love and respect nature here! 😂👌🏾 * * * #ofcoursetrend #lawstudent #university #universityofwestminster #friends ♬ Original sound – Oluwademilade

Christianah Babajide is a visiting lecturer at City Law School. She can be found on LinkedIn and her Instagram handle is @christianahb_.