A man in Germany was asked to pay R34,000 after his friend used his laptop to download films online


  • A man living in Germany said he is battling a copyright dispute after his friend downloaded two films in the country
  • He said he was not the one who watched the films, but the IP address was traced back to his computer and he was fined R34,475
  • The man, Baluku Walter, said he had to hire a lawyer to help him fight the case and ended up spending R25,190

A man who was new to Germany said a friend used his laptop to download movies online.

A few weeks later, he received letters from the films' owners asking him to pay for copyright infringement.

Man demanded money after his laptop was used to download movies in Germany.
The man said he was asked to pay R34,000 for copyright infringement. Photo credit: Baluku Walter, Motortion.
Source: UGC

The man, Baluku Walter, said the movies his friend downloaded belonged to Warner Brothers.

He noted that he was asked to pay R34,475 for the two films.

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Baluku said he protested and hired a lawyer to handle the case for him and the money was reduced to R25,190.

He said the money he was asked to pay included legal fees he incurred while fighting the case.

In a TikTok video, Baluku warned people new to Germany not to download movies online as it was a crime.

Is downloading films illegal in Germany?

An article published by All About Berlin states:

“When you torrent movies, your IP address is visible to others. Some law firms monitor torrents of famous movies and collect the IP addresses of people who download them. If they see your IP address, they can ask your ISP to give them your real address. They can send you a cease and desist letter: a formal demand to pay them between R10,000 and R30,000.

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Reactions to how people in Germany pay well

Social media users were amazed and some shared their experiences.

@Kofi Capo reacted:

“Got a 900 euro fine for the same reason, which I never paid and haven’t heard from them in about 6 months.”

@Jeremiah commented:

“I learned a lesson from you today, thanks for sharing.”

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