TikTok is obsessed with this viral lemon juicing hack


A clip of a man demonstrating a trick for easily juicing lemons has gone viral and left TikTok obsessed with the trick.

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has been home to hundreds of different types of life hacks that have gone viral across the internet.

Just in 2024, there have been viral tips on how to save money running your air conditioning, how to get the “perfect” slice of cheese, and even a “game-changing” way to cut your sandwich.

Now TikToker Gerson Repreza has gone viral with a new way to easily juice lemons and has viewers completely mesmerized.

The clip, uploaded on April 30, 2024, shows Gerson in front of his stove with a lemon in his hand, just before he starts poking holes in the bottom part of it.

After poking holes, the TikToker rolled it between his hands. Then he held the base over the pan and squeezed the juice out of the holes he poked in the lemon.

“[This is] “A lot less chaos, how crazy is that?” he said.

Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their reactions and many are obsessed with the viral hack.

“Excuse me, you're telling me that Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy was actually a tutorial,” one user jokingly commented.

Another said: “I did this at work and the next day I heard a man screaming: 'Why is this lemon empty?'”

“I've learned 50 years of knowledge on TikTok over the last few years,” commented a third.

Many others in the comments wondered whether the trick would work or not, but it's been around for years as one of the many ways to get lemon juice without the need for a real juicer or knife.