Smilla Sundell remembers winning at ONE Fight Night 22


Smilla Sundell had an eventful week leading up to ONE Fight Night 22. The ONE Championship star lost her ONE Women's Strawweight Muay Thai World Championship on the scale, but still competed in the main event with Natalia Diachkova. After an early storm, Sundell recovered and won by TKO in the second round.

After the event, the Swedish talent expressed her sadness over losing the title. “The Hurricane” felt the impact of fans around the world coming together to support them. She credited these comments with helping her in the match.

Smilla Sundell on Tough Battle at ONE Fight Night 22: “It was one of my biggest challenges.”

“I can’t thank people enough. It was hard because I couldn't make the weight. But I had very nice people reach out to me. Angela Lee reached out to me – Allycia (Hellen Rodrigues), Milana (Bjelogrlic) and many more. I have everyone on my side. I am very grateful for that. And I'm grateful for everyone who came to Lumpinee today to cheer me on, and for the whole world watching. It means the world to me. My family came from Sweden, Australia and Vietnam. Yeah, I’m just so grateful,” Sundell told ONE.

The Russian challenger injured Sundell in the first round. It looked like she could secure the title before it became vacant and the big challenge impressed the talented 19-year-old. After sensing her power, Sundell labeled Diachkova one of her greatest opponents.

“That was one of my biggest challenges. She hit me well in the first round. So yeah, she's definitely at the top. On the first lap my vision was very blurry. I was also a bit shaky in the second round. To be honest, I don't know where I wanted to go. And I don't know what I did in the fight. All I knew was that I fell to the ground once. And that made me very angry. And I just had to go, go, go. I knew I couldn't stop there because I had my family around me. And I wanted to show them that I'm still the best,” Sundell explained.

Sundell was damaged in the first round and appeared calmer in the second frame. Then, after a clubbing blow to the body, she saw Diachkova become the backup for a game-winning attack. However, this ending was a surprise even for The Hurricane.

“I saw that she had injured her body. If she had gone down she would have gotten an eight count, but she didn't. She went to the ropes. And that confused me. Because then the referee would have to stop the fight. But I knew I just had to keep going until he stopped,” the Swedish striker recalled.

Now that the event is in the rearview, Sundell is focused on reclaiming gold in ONE. While she would jump at the chance to win back the strawweight crown, she also wants a new division. As she grows and develops, Sundell continues to grow stronger and become a bigger force to be reckoned with in the ring.

“I really want my belt back. I'll get it back, I think. But I would also like a different weight classification. It doesn't matter who I fight. I just love fighting. So I will fight anyone who wants to get in the ring with me,” said Sundell.