Jamaal Bowman had a secret YouTube page


The Daily Beast reports: “When The Daily Beast revealed in January that Rep. Jamaal Bowman had promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories on his blog while working as a public school principal, the New York Democrat claimed it was just a past one phase, and that too. His days of marinating in the swamps of online paranoia were long gone. But his personal YouTube account, where he continued to follow new channels and create playlists as recently as last month, shows that his penchant for fringe content continued into his tenure on Capitol Hill.

Bowman's page, which uses his longtime pseudonym “Inner Peace” and features his picture and videos from the middle school he once taught, subscribes to dozens of confusing and bizarre reports – including well-known Russian and Chinese disinformation peddlers, flat-earthers and musings about UFOs and ” Signs You're Ready to Go to the New Earth,” a U.S.-born Muslim influencer who killed a German citizen and provoked attacks on American businesses in Egypt and many secretive online spaces in between.”

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