TikTok is adding automatic labels to AI-generated content and wants other platforms to follow suit


Tick ​​tock adds an additional layer of transparency to its AI-generated videos. The video app has a partnership with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which adds automatically generated labels to AI-generated content.

The labels are called Content credentials, and they will begin rolling out across the app today. According to a post on the TikTok Newsroom, Content Credentials will “instantly recognize and label” AI-generated content. The technology is currently available for images and videos, with support for audio-only clips coming “soon.”

TikTok already requires users to identify AI-generated content, and the app's labels are already used by more than 100 users 37 million creators. The content credentials will expand the scope of TikTok's AI documentation while establishing a standard that can be transferred to other platforms. The app wants users to review TikToks – even those reposted on other platforms – to see if they need content credentials.

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Because content credentials can do this

Keep an eye on AI-generated content as it traverses the social media landscape. The labels will become effective if platforms other than TikTok adopt them. The Newsroom post notes that TikTok is the first video-sharing platform to join in Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative that advocates for content credentials.

“In a time when all digital content is subject to change, it is important to provide the public with ways to know what is true,” said Adobe General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer Dana Rao in a statement. “Today’s announcement is a critical step toward that outcome.”

TikTok competitors like YouTube and Instagram have already launched their own AI labeling products, so they need to decide whether the more universal content credentials offer a more comprehensive solution. Other tech companies like to copy TikTok's features and formats. Now we can see what they do with a feature of TikTok want to copy them.