John Calipari talks about what happened with Kentucky Wildcats basketball


A new era in Lexington has officially begun, and Mark Pope is now the head coach of Kentucky Basketball.

The downfall of Kentucky and former head coach John Calipari in recent years has been difficult for some to accept.

Even Calipari has openly said it was a difficult transition at Arkansas and he hates how things ended between him and Big Blue Nation.

CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd drove to Fayetteville and chatted with the Razorbacks' new head coach.

Calipari had no problem saying that he knew BBN was unhappy and that he was happy to see him leave town.

“I think some people were happy,” the coach said of his departure from Kentucky. “[Some were saying]“We’ve had this guy for 15 years and we’ve only won 500 games.” [Actually 410] We only won one national title and four Final Fours and eight Elite Eights? What the hell is going on here?'”

It's no secret that many Kentucky fans were upset that the Cats hadn't been to a Final Four since 2015 and hadn't been to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament since 2019.

It's clear that Calipari has some dislike for the fans, but he indicated he had issues with how it all ended in Lexington.

“How it ended… all I’m saying is it sucks.”

As a fan of Kentucky Basketball, I could hardly imagine the decline of the program and Calipari after some of the greatest years of my life as a fan.

It's not just an adjustment for Calipari in Fayetteville, but one for Cats fans as well.

No matter what you think, Mark Pope is now the leader of the greatest men's basketball program and has made it clear that he is ready for the challenge of ushering in a new era.