YouTuber runs over pedestrians while streaming under the influence of alcohol


A YouTube streamer left viewers mortified after he smoked cannabis while driving before hitting a pedestrian in Los Angeles.

The woman, who calls herself “VP” on the popular video-sharing platform, frequently streams live, with viewers on Reddit describing her own channel as an example of him regularly using drugs and “peeing in alleys.”

However, things took a serious turn after VP hit a pedestrian while driving in Los Angeles. A loud bumping noise could be heard on the stream as the camera rattled. Before the attack, she had smoked cannabis and debated whether or not she would get back with an ex-boyfriend.

After the accident, VP quickly stopped the car, opened the door and asked the pedestrian if everything was OK before being told in response: “No, what the hell did you do?”

“I didn't see her!” VP exclaimed, refuting claims that she wasn't paying attention to the road. “I was looking, I didn’t see you. I'm telling you, I haven't seen you. Just tell me how I can help?”

The streamer closed her door again and tried to find a place to pull over and park. She said to the audience: “Oh my God, guys. I don’t know what just happened, but it wasn’t good.”

Shortly after, she ended the livestream to try to clarify the situation and left the chat with a few parting words; “Okay guys, there's your content.” Hours later, however, VP went live again and viewers were shocked to find she had not been arrested.

“It was really scary,” she admitted, explaining that the accident was due to sun glare and had “nothing” to do with drug use or watching chats while driving. “You can watch the stream, I didn’t even watch the chat.”

As the chat filled with questions about the attack, VP claimed the police let her go.

“I’m blessed because I decided not to be a piece of shit,” she said. “The police officer literally told me, ‘Just so you know, I know how hard this was. Do you know how many hit-and-runs we have out here?'”

She also claimed that the pedestrian who was hit was “fine” and that she wasn't afraid of being sued because she was insured.

While cannabis is legal in California, driving under the influence is a felony.