Videodrome in Atlanta is one of the last open video stores in Georgia


More than 30 years after their release, people still watch movies like Top Gun and ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. But there's a way to make the experience even more nostalgic.

Atlanta has one of the last video rental stores still open: Videodrome. Named after the 1983 David Cronenberg film, this cinema-lover's spot has tens of thousands of titles to choose from. Rentals are just $5 and you get a movie for a week, unless it's a new release, which is only available for three days.

The store was opened in 1998 by Matt Booth, who had worked in video stores on and off throughout his life, but when it came to movies, his tastes were more niche and international films, rather than big summer blockbusters.

“I wanted to do something less corporate,” he said. “I had the things I liked, and I had a partner at the time, Jeff Sutton, who liked the things he liked. We thought those things were underrepresented in video stores, so we opened one with the things we liked.”

While this set Videodrome apart from the competition, at some point it was no longer necessary. At one point, there were tens of thousands of video stores in America, but they couldn't compete with on-demand and streaming services. According to USA Today, 86% of them had closed by the end of 2017, and the number has only continued to decline since then.

Videodrome has adapted by expanding its offerings but staying true to its original customer base, so now you can rent bits of Fast and Furious and Marvel Cinematic Universe while bringing along your friends who love anime, independent films and Italian horror.

They also have fun with their staff-curated spotlight collections, including themes like the best new releases of the year for the New Year and “Party with Pre-Code,” which focuses on films made before the Hays Code, which imposed strict film censorship between 1934 and 1968. Additionally, Videodrome hosts special film screenings at the Plaza and Tara in Atlanta.

“I’m lucky that I can do what I want to do in my life,” Booth said.

Videodrome is located at 617 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta. It is open daily from noon to 10 p.m. For more information, visit To stay up to date on new additions and events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.