Joe Biden’s faux pas on employment in viral video: Watch


In a series of embarrassments for US President Joe Biden, a video has now gone viral in which he talks about employment and jobs. Sitting next to former President Barack Obama, Biden initially said the US had the highest unemployment rate in 50 years, but then promptly corrected this to “the lowest”. But what happened next became the delight of Republicans and meme makers. “You know, my, my, my son says you should, uh, you know, we all, uh, have different short descriptions for your jobs, for what you've accomplished. You should say 'Joe Jobs,'” Joe Biden said in the viral clip from the Hollywood fundraiser.

Every day that Joe Biden commits a new faux pas has become the new normal, due to the increasing excitement in the US, just ten days before the first public debate between Joe Biden and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Joe Biden was seen wandering off course during a parachute demonstration at the G7 summit in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to guide him back for the group photo with the other world leaders. During a Juneteenth concert at the White House, Joe Biden appeared disoriented and stood some distance away. Then came the video of Biden freezing at a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles, where he had to be led off the stage by Barack Obama.

All of this brought Joe Biden's age (81 years) into focus and the question of whether he is fit for another term as president. “So embarrassing. The Democrats can't let this continue, can they?” posted radio host Piers Morgan on X and then explained in an article in the New York Post that President Biden is no longer fit for the highest office in America.

“I do not mean that he is too incompetent for the job, although many would say that. No, I mean that he is too physically and mentally unsuited to function at the extremely high level required to be leader not only of the United States but of the free world,” wrote Piers Morgan.

“When the last Democrat to occupy the White House literally has to usurp the current one because he realizes he's had another 'senior moment' and appears paralyzed like a statue on the stage, that has to be the wake-up call that everyone in the party urgently needs to heed before it's too late, right?

There are only five months until the 2024 general election, but what is now painfully obvious is that Joe Biden is already the nominee,” he wrote.