NASCAR spotter expects JGR to confirm major new signings soon


After news broke Friday that Martin Truex Jr. has announced his retirement, speculation is already rife about who will fill the void left by the 2017 champion. However, according to a NASCAR spotter, Joe Gibbs Racing may have already made a decision.

Chase Briscoe is rumored to be JGR's first choice to replace Truex in the No. 19 car, and 23XI Racing spotter Freddie Kraft seems to believe Briscoe's move to Joe Gibbs Racing is all but a done deal. On Monday's “Door, Bumper, Clear” podcast, Kraft voiced his opinion.

“I think everyone has heard the rumors that Chase Briscoe is going to 19,” Kraft said. “I think you can expect an announcement on that in the next week or so.”

Fellow spotter Brett Griffin seemed to think that Briscoe's name for the No. 19 car had been bandied about fairly quickly.

“This was not something anyone would have expected two weeks ago,” Griffin said, referring to the swift manner of Truex's resignation and the subsequent discussions about his successor.

“I don't think they (Joe Gibbs Racing) wanted to start a rebuild,” Kraft added. “They have a championship-caliber team there.”

While Kraft's statement should be taken with a grain of salt, it's also important to note that he is at the track every weekend as a spotter and is constantly involved in all goings-on in the garage area. Although Briscoe's future is not yet confirmed, it would not be surprising if Joe Gibbs showered Briscoe with money, as he appears to be his first choice for the No. 19 car.