MET-Rx partners with actor and professional wrestler John Cena to introduce the MET-Rx Flex filter on TikTok — Retail Technology Innovation Hub


“While people continue to accomplish amazing things, the tired old flex emoji hasn't evolved a pixel since 2010. The world deserves a new way to flex and we're giving it to them with a high-performance MET-Rx Flex filter on TikTok,” says Cena, who has personally used MET-Rx products to support his workouts since the '90s.

The filter takes advantage of CapCut's all-in-one video editing features and its latest solution, Branded Video Template.

MET-Rx is one of the first brands to use this product, offering a library of turnkey templates that give advertisers the autonomy to create tailored, personalized content.

The filter is part of Cena's recently announced partnership with MET-Rx, which includes a kitschy, '90s-inspired social media campaign that humorously celebrates life's greatest achievements. The MET-Rx Flex campaign will activate in-store and across social media and digital platforms.

“Since our founding in the early 1990s, MET-Rx has been the brand of choice for workout motivation and product innovation in the fitness community,” says Amie Testerman, vice president of marketing and innovation at MET-Rx parent company 1440 Foods.

“Our new campaign featuring John Cena brings that positive challenger attitude to TikTok in an exaggerated way that inspires people to celebrate and share their own successes.”

“Like MET-Rx, John Cena appeals to everyone from hardcore powerlifters to the fitness curious, and we can't wait to see the creative ways people adopt MET-Rx Flex.”

The MET-Rx Big 100 Bars are the first in a series of MET-Rx products highlighted in the brand's new campaign and are available online and at 7-Eleven, Walmart and other select retailers across the U.S.

To access exclusive offers on new MET-Rx packages, customers are encouraged to use the new filter and search @officialmetrx on TikTok to purchase products from the brand's first-ever TikTok shop.