This new diving watch meets virtually every imaginable requirement


Don’t you think it’s great when a brand listens to its fans?

When Oris first incorporated its impressive in-house Caliber 400 into its popular, vintage-inspired Divers Sixty-Five model, the result was beautiful but still somewhat flawed. The monochrome watch was 40mm, had a date at six o'clock and, most importantly, a twelve-hour bezel instead of a traditional dive-time bezel.

The brand followed up a few weeks ago with the 2024 Hölstein Edition, which added the diving bezel but kept the 40mm size and date window. It's also even more special thanks to an all-black color scheme.

But what about those fans who want a Divers Sixty-Five with a smaller case that better matches the vintage-inspired design of this style, with a diver's time bezel and a dial without a date, but still with the caliber 400?

Oris' automatic movement can be seen through the transparent caseback
The Oris Caliber 400 is an impressive achievement for the brand and is therefore being incorporated into more and more watches.

The No-Date Calibre 400 is getting smaller

Oris' new watch is a direct response to fans' requests for a non-limited, non-date version of the Calibre 400 and, to a lesser extent, to enthusiasts who want a sub-40mm version of the Divers Sixty-Five.

The new watch is the only non-limited 38 mm stainless steel reference in the current Divers Sixty-Five line. It also features a stainless steel diving time bezel with a minute scale in polished relief.